IRS Audit Represenation

I Received an IRS Audit Letter - Help!

It is natural to let fear and stress take over upon first reading the IRS letter, we suggest, sit down, and take a deep breath! 

Next, contact MB CPA and send us a copy of your letter. We will review the nature of the letter and give you a free 45 minute phone consultation letting you know what your options are and the next steps to take.

Ensure to abide by any deadlines prescribed by the audit letter. We want to respond to the auditor within the correct time frame. 

MB CPA is prepared to represent you before the IRS' examination Division in connection with an audit of your federal income tax return(s). Based on representations you make to us, and the existence and condition of your supporting documents, our goal is to attempt to achieve a "no change" letter or the lowest adjustment allowed under law.

Why Am I being Audited by The IRS?

There are several reasons why the IRS picked your return for an audit.

Among others, here are some possible reasons:

  1. Income and deductions taken on your tax returns don't match reporting forms filed with the IRS such as for instance W-2 and 1099 forms
  2. The type or amount of income being reported or deduction claimed on your tax return is flagged
  3. The type of industry you work in is a being flagged because it is of current interest to the IRS.
  4. You claimed dependents on your tax return that have also been claimed by another person on their tax return.
  5. You reported unusually high losses under self-employment income on Schedule C of form 1040

Find out more about our audit services now by sending us a message below. We will promptly get back to you and get you started on a clear path throughout your audit! 

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